About Smart Swim Method

The confident swimmer considers floating to be an alternative to swimming. Visualize a child or person floating in water - face up (supine) with an appearance of DOING NOTHING! Face is out of the water (maybe even smiling), This child is actually DOING IT ALL with Comfort, Trust, and Knowledge of Skill.

The way it goes – COMFORT, TRUST, KNOWLEDGE Advantages HOW IS THE SMART SWIM METHOD DIFFERENT? • Progressive Learning: Within the first set of lessons, we expect results that will greatly improve their chances to save themselves in the event that they purposely or accidentally enter into any body of water.
• We only allow the students to recover for air by rolling laterally to the back float position - no front, head-lifting dog paddle allowed.
• We do not teach bubble blowing out of the mouth - we want them to hold their breath underwater, not to exhale underwater. Eventually the students learn to exhale out through the nose.
• We teach lateral breathing and kicking, before we teach pulling with "big arms".
We do not teach over-arm pulling until after the student can swim across the pool independently and confidently…by kicking, rolling to back float & breathe, rolling back over to swim - repeatedly. Freestyle is more easily & efficiently learned if the student learns roll-over or lateral breathing first.
• The Smart Swim Method transitions efficiently into advanced stroke technique. PLEASE STICK WITH IT!!
Persevere & attend lessons on a consistent basis and your child:
• will learn to swim for safety sake
• will love swimming for health, fitness & fun.
• will enhance his or her motor skill development.
• will develop valuable respect for pools, oceans, lakes
• will learn efficiently and develop proper habits - so that if your child chooses to pursue the sport of competitive swimming, he will have had the best start possible.
SWIMMING IS A GIFT FOR LIFE! It is the most ideal exercise for any one at any age. Take lessons in the off-season. Learn to swim BEFORE summer. ENJOY A SAFER SUMMER!